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    How to apply one united color formatting to different measures

    Yaroslav Boretsky

      Hello, Taleau Community!


      I'm trying to create an infographic about team-winners of Formula 1 races for the last decade. So far, after formatting, I came up with this:

      The thing is that I've got what I wanted, but it took me a very long time to apply all color schemes for every team in every year. And if in Excel, for example, you can create the Conditional Formatiing depends on a value inside the cell for whole worksheet, here I still haven't got the idea how to apply one common color scheme, whatever the measure I add to the sheet.


      Do you have any ideas how to do that? Maybe I did something wrong with data order? That's actually how it looks like:



      I mean, I would like just have the one list of teams with decent colors that I could apply for whole sheet. Thank you!