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    Exporting Dashboard as pdf with scrolls

    Diego Roa

      Hi, I am trying to export to pdf the following dashboard:



      Unfortunately, tableau just exports the current view instead of the whole table. I have been reading some threads (i.e this one https://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/unable-to-export-all-data-on-dashboards-with-scroll-bars ) and I am aware that you can export the sheets in the dashboard and then you will export all the table. But, when you print every sheet, I lose the logo of the report, and the main KPIs I am showing in the dashboard. The exported pdf file printing every sheet is something like this image (The KPI's do not even show at the top of the file, and it doesn't look good).



      The users want to have the report containing the logos and KPI's and the nice look-and-feel of the initial dashboard.


      My question is:

      Is there any way I can always print  a header of each page (Header containing the logos and KPI's) and then print the table in different pages? Or is there any work around where I can print the exact dashboard but printing the table in different pages?


      Thanks a lot!