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    How to drill down from bar chart using measures?

    Perry Ho

      Hi there,


      Sorry if this has been asked before, but i've literally been searching for a solution for the whole day and couldn't find one that can help.


      I'm trying to get my bar graph in worksheet 2a. Avg PE to be able to "drill down" to worksheet 2a. Avg PE Drill depending on which bar I click on. I'm usually able to do it when my the columns are using dimension names, but with measure names it doesn't seem to work!


      For ex. If I click on the "3-Year Average bar", i'd like the Avg PE Drill tab to automatically filter to the details for "PE 3 Year" only. Right now, I've created an action which links to the 2nd sheet, but I can't get the details to automatically filter. Also, the bar graphs need to be calculated averages which ignore any nulls, so I've included that in my workbook calculations as well (whereas the drilldowns are just straight values)


      Please help! Any help would be greatly appreciated!