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    Mapping - IPv6 Address - Geocode Data

    Jon Syu

      So I'm using the IP2Location database, and I managed to join the IPv4 addresses using this:




      I've been trying for days to do the same with the IPv6 addresses but I can't figure it out.  Took a couple of more days scouring google too, but no luck.  So if anyone's figured out how to do this, please, please please please, help me out.  Will be eternally grateful and will also psychically remote bless you. 

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          Jon Syu

          Here's another question that should've been asked first:  is this possible?  I mean does tableau have problems with numbers that large?  If so, what's another way to approach this problem?

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            jon syu

            here's the basic idea:


            let's say this is your IPv6 address:



            split it into 8 different hexidecimal numbers = 2600 , 2342 , EB25, 0052, 0000, 0000, 0000, 0FFF


            translate each number into base 10, by applying this to each digit of the number:
            (x[1 of the 8 numbers])=(a+b+c+d[each digit])=a*16^3+b*16^2+c*16^1+d*16^0







            … (2)-(7) …



            do that for each of the numbers, then add them all together:  (i'm too lazy to type it all out, but i checked, this works)




            =a huge number

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