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    Display window Total & Trend dynamically

    Prakash Desai

      Hello Guys,


      Have a question on one of the implementation:


      Sheet 1: Display Qty for all Sub-Categories

      Sheet 2: Display Qty for Top 5 Sub-Categories

      Sheet 3: Display Qty for the Top 5 Sub-Categories as a Trend for all Time Periods



      Year=2012, Order Priority=All & City=All



      1. Sheet 2: I would like to display the total at the bottom/.top of the top 5 sub-Categories. Total is calculated as window sum of Top 5 Sub Cat's.

      2. I would like to show the trend for the top 5 sub-Categories which were listed in Sheet 2 and trend for the Total across years. Also wanted Sub-Categ to have in the same sequential order as that of in Sheet 2.

      Values in Sub-Cat will vary based on filter conditions.


      Total has  to be calculated on the fly or dynamically.Based on the results from Sheet 2, Sheet 3 should be driven.

      As per my knowledge, we can split the total and individual values into 2 sheets. It will good if i can do it in a single sheet with some derived logics.

      Kindly help.