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    Tableau Server Slow Performance

    jagadeesh kumar

      Hi Tableau,

                   I have been using tableau from longtime. From Tableau 10.5, the performance of the tableau server is very slow(hyper is not really working as fast as TDE). Currently we are using tableau 2018.2 Tableau server and we are experiencing slow loading dashboards and tableau is really struggling to load the dashboard. We have already take care of all the best practices but still experiencing slow loading dashboard. We are using Tableau published data sources.


      When we open the dashboard for the first time on tableau server, the dashboard is taken 10-15 sec to load. I knew that the performance is not just dependent on tableau server performance but also depend on how we designed the dashboard, how much of data we are working with and also speed of the internet at that time of load etc...... BUT


      ITS A HARD REALITY that current version of tableau servers are slow in performance.  I love tableau alot but this slow performance is really making things hard.


      I heard other customers are also having similar issues.


      Is tableau taking any necessary actions to improve the performance of the tableau server? It would be great if you act fast.

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          Chris McClellan

          Very interesting post - in every instance I've seen, hyper performs better than TDE.


          What size is your data (how many columns & rows) ?

          What do your dashboards look like (supply a screenshot and hash out anything confidential) ?

          What is your underlying database ?


          And on the hardware side ...

          What is the spec's for your server ?

          How many users do you have ? (etc)

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            jagadeesh kumar

            Hi Chris,

                    Really appreciate your quick response.


            We are using Tableau Published Data sources (Extract -refreshing on scheduled bases)

            The back-end database in Oracle.


            The Dashboard contain, 4 views - 1 stacked bar chart(colored by accounts), 3 tables - with 10 columns each. 10 filter selections.

            We are using three datsets to created this dashboard and using blending concept to fetch the fields.


            Primary table - 9958 records, (40 columns)

            Secondary tables  - 140414 records (40 columns) , 7931 records (25 columns)



            I don't have complete details of hardware but the hardware used for the tableau server is way far good that what tableau is recommended. Ideally, hardware was not an issue. Currently, for that dashboard, the power users are just 10 members.

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              Chris McClellan

              So the data is pretty small as well.  but 10 filters will slow things down - are they all set to "relevant values only" ?


              Based on the other stats you've mentioned, have you done a performance recording of the workbook to see where the time is being spent ?

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                Peter Fakan

                Hi Jagadeesh,


                Following on from what Chris said above, I'd also look at your blend tables and uncheck any unnecessary blending links - you only need 1, not every field that is related which is a common impulse. The reason this will cause a slowdown is because Tableau will be trying to do an inner join on each field in the blend, where its probably really only using the one field anyway.





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                  jagadeesh kumar

                  Hi Chris,

                         Yes I have set all the filters to relevant values.


                  Yes I have done performance recording. I have done performance recording on both tableau server as well as tableau desktop. When the open a dashboard on tableau server for first time, it is taken 6-8 secs and but if I close the dashboard and reopen the same dashboard, it is taking on 4-5 sec. I believe, cache is playing some role here.

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                    jagadeesh kumar

                    Hi Peter,

                              I have taken care of blending. I have only linked on the fields which are required and also hidden unwanted fields. But still the performance is not good.

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                      Chris McClellan

                      Can you upload the performance recording ?  It's important to see what it actually happening that takes 6-8 seconds.

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                        gogineni vishal

                        To add further on the topic ,


                        From 10.5 , the CPU usage and consumption is very high due to the new hyper engine . Unless re-configured ( by re-distributing the worker and nodes) , the refreshes and performance could take a severe beating. in my previous role , This had to be done to improve the performance of the server . If in general ,the server performance then it is worth considering this.


                        But , in case of specific dashboard performance , Please do follow Chris McClellan advice/instructions , he is an expert in these.

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                          jagadeesh kumar

                          Hi Gogineni,

                                        Thanks for your response.


                          I'm curious to know about the re-distribution work you have done. Can you please share you experience. How did you handle that?

                          It will be great help.