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    Date Conversion in tableau live DB

    Mohit Sharma

      hie, community


      i am mohit hereby getting an issue , firstly i connected tableau through 64bit ODBC connector to MYSql server ,after it got successfully connected to representmonthly sales trend i draged sales INVOICE DATE column to row and converted it to month year by clicking right button and selecting month year optin as followed by PNG file. and after i changed it its howing an error .




      SELECT (CAST(`L1`.`inv_dt` AS DATE) + CAST({fn TRUNCATE((-1 * (EXTRACT(DAY FROM `L1`.`inv_dt`) - 1)),0)} AS INTEGER) * INTERVAL '1' DAY) AS `tmn:inv_dt:ok`

      FROM `L1`

      GROUP BY 1



      Kindly help me with it ASAP