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    Calculation in table and color fill

    alex alex



      I have a table like:


      Here, for each employee for each month "standard hours" and "actual hours" are shown. Also utilization KPI is given as well.

      Then I need to calculate actual utilization rate (=actual hours/standard hours) - and compare it with KPI.

      If it is within +-2% then it is OK, otherwise it is either UnderUtilized or OverUtilized.

      See result for this table in Excel:


      As a result I shall have the following table (amount of employees with OK/Under-/OverUtilization) with a department/grade breakdown:


      And I need to fill cells with similar colors as shown above (green for OK, red for Over-, Blue for UnderUtil).



      How can I do that? 


      Source file is attached...