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    Advancing Andy Kriebels Retain Rank

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy All!


      Saw a video recently from Andy Kriebel on a way of retaining ranks for filtering.

      How to Filter a Dimension and Maintain the Rank - YouTube


      I've been wanting to do this in a dashboard of mine. He uses calc's similar to below:





      Rank filter:



      After calculating the filter to run based off of individuals cells the visual looks great. We can sort sub-categories and the rank calculation retains their place.

      However, for my needs I am needing such a sub category filter to not only drive that 1 visual, but to drive the sub categories in other visuals as well. But the rank filter cannot be shared to other sheets.

      I assume because it is a table calculation.


      In this circumstance can tableau give me my cake and eat it too? Being able to utilize a filter that retains rank for that visual but also sorts sub-category's to other visuals? A bad scenario in my case would be needing 2 separate filters for essentially the same field.



      Example workbook attached,

      Thanks all!