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    Tableau Cube Question: Using MDX to switch out dimensions based on what is selected in a parameter?

    Ailsa Zheng

      Hello all,


      I am working with a cube. Let's say my data set looks like this:

      OwnersPet TypePet NamePet ***


      If this were a flattened table, I could have a parameter called "Slicer" with the calculation:


      Case [Slicer] when 'Name of Owner' then [Owners]

      when 'Type of Pet' then [Pet Type]

      when 'Name of Pet' then [Pet Name]

      when 'Pet ***' then [Pet ***]


      And then based on what I select in my parameter I could switch between which dimension I'm using. Anyone have any tips on how to do this in a cube with an MDX calculation?