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    Tooltip blank display

    Jon Boese

      I am new to Tableau and started messing around with some simple maps for practice using some randomly generated data. As I am playing around everything seems to be working until I run into some tool-tips that show up as blank. It clearly recognizes the data that is supposed to be in the tool-tip as actions still work and everything behaves correctly, except for the tool-tip. The tool-tip just pulls from another sheet, nothing terribly fancy, but I have no idea why it won't display. Changing the display size doesn't seem to do anything, but adding another field outside of the reference to the sheet displays just fine. There are 594 marks on the map and it seems like only 2 of them don't want to display.


      Example of working tool-tip:



      Broken tool-tip:




      Extra info in tool-tip:




      Tool-tip info:





      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I am using Tableau Desktop 10.5.