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    Live connection to a .tde on server does not refresh automatically?

    Cerys Heath

      I've recently started using Tableau Server, and I can't figure out how to get my data file to refresh on server, without having to republish the whole workbook.


      My normal process for creating a workbook is:

      1. Prepare data in Alteryx

      2. Output as a .tde file

      3. In Tableau Desktop, connect to the .tde as a live connection and build a workbook


      I would then use Alteryx to refresh the data in the tde as often as needed and whenever I open Tableau Desktop it has the latest version of the data.


      I am hoping that when I publish a workbook to Server, I can simply refresh the data file on a regular basis, without having to re-publish the workbook each time. However, I can't get this to work, even though it says the connection is 'live', when I refresh the data file, nothing changes on server.


      This is how my extract appears in server (filenames hidden):

      data connection.JPG


      When I upload to server, I choose the options

      • Data source: embedded in workbook
      • Include external files - yes


      Having read this article:

      Best Practices for Published Data Sources - Tableau


      It seems like I might actually be in a better position if I build my workbooks on a csv or Excel file instead of a tde? Then I could set a schedule (e.g. once a day) and Tableau Server would refresh the extract. Is this really the solution - can I not get server to refresh the tde file automatically?