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    Live connection to a .tde on server does not refresh automatically?

    Cerys Heath

      I've recently started using Tableau Server, and I can't figure out how to get my data file to refresh on server, without having to republish the whole workbook.


      My normal process for creating a workbook is:

      1. Prepare data in Alteryx

      2. Output as a .tde file

      3. In Tableau Desktop, connect to the .tde as a live connection and build a workbook


      I would then use Alteryx to refresh the data in the tde as often as needed and whenever I open Tableau Desktop it has the latest version of the data.


      I am hoping that when I publish a workbook to Server, I can simply refresh the data file on a regular basis, without having to re-publish the workbook each time. However, I can't get this to work, even though it says the connection is 'live', when I refresh the data file, nothing changes on server.


      This is how my extract appears in server (filenames hidden):

      data connection.JPG


      When I upload to server, I choose the options

      • Data source: embedded in workbook
      • Include external files - yes


      Having read this article:

      Best Practices for Published Data Sources - Tableau


      It seems like I might actually be in a better position if I build my workbooks on a csv or Excel file instead of a tde? Then I could set a schedule (e.g. once a day) and Tableau Server would refresh the extract. Is this really the solution - can I not get server to refresh the tde file automatically?

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          Cerys Heath

          After some research, I've found a workable solution that is fairly efficient. Essentially, the easiest way is to use the Alteryx Publish to Tableau Server tool. If you are building workbooks for the first time, then you publish the data up to server using Alteryx early in the development of your workbook and all should be fine. However, if you want to start publishing an existing workbook, refreshing the data in Alteryx is likely to break all your calculated fields, so you need to fix these after you upload the data:


          1. Download the Alteryx 'Publish to Server' tool: Publish to Tableau Server Tool

          2. Publish the existing workbook to Tableau Server. For the data file, select 'publish separately'.

          3. Use Alteryx to refresh the data. Set the connection so that it will use the same filename for the data, in the same part of Tableau Server. This will overwrite the data.

          4. At this point, any calculated fields in the workbook will break. The workbook itself will also be linked directly to the data file on Server instead of your local version.

          5. Redo the calculated fields. This is a bit of a chore but only needs doing once.

          6. Republish the workbook.