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    Calculated field on the basis of dimension values

    m ovess


      I want to create  calculated fields on the basis of dimension values.

      suppose datasource like given below

      Txn_Date        Vendor   Fee

      01/10/2018       A            10

      01/10/2018       B            108

      02/10/2018       A            12

      02/10/2018       B            14


      i want to create calculated  fields namely  A_Fee, Competitor_Fee etc (values of Vendor coulmn). which captures the date wise fee of particular vendor

      Tableau output  should be

      TXn_Date       A_Fee          B_Fee

      01/10/2018     10                 108

      02/10/2018      12                 14




      when i am doing

      if vendor='A' then fee end

      if vendor !='A' then fee end


      it's giving null values likewise


      TXn_Date       A_Fee         Competitor_Fee

      01/10/2018     10                 null

      02/10/2018      null                 14



      kindly help.