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    Display Last Extract refresh in Dashboard - No time stamp from Datasource


      Hi Everyone,


      I read already different post similar to my question, but unfortunately i couldn't find a solution for it.

      Basically recently my datasources are getting problem (probably for server low performance) to get update.

      I have different datasources, most of them updates every hour. For almost a month now, the updates are getting late or skipped or just updated not at the normal time they should.

      For example. before it will get update always between 5 and 15 minutes of the following hour (09.04, 10.10, 11.07 etc), now instead of updating at 09 it can get update at 09.22 and then at 10.45 etc.


      So until this problem is fixed (if it ever will) to avoid having users working on not update datasources i would like to give them the Data&Time last datasource refresh available directly on the dashboard. so they know with which data they are working on.


      I know about the edit title of workbook and Insert the "Data Update Time", i test it on the Server but is just showing me the page last refresh.


      What i basically would like to have is this data&Time:


      I asked already to be able to have this time Stamp available in the datasource extract, but the answer was "Is not possible".


      What i would like to have is something like the following:


      Dashboard Refresh is "Data Update Time", but how can i achieve the Data Refresh information? Do you have any suggestion?


      Thank you for your help,