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    Trickling down filter through worksheets in dashboard

    Josh Ciszek

      This almost works...


      The user selects the Program in the top worksheet ("Level of Engagement..."), which filters the middle worksheet ("Action Item Change (First to Last")...everything there is ok!


      However, when the user then clicks on a domain in the middle worksheet (that should stay filtered by the top), the bottom one ("Action Change - Question") should filter to the sub-questions within the selected domain...and that works!


      What doesn't work is that the actual values in the bottom worksheet are not filtered by the middle one.  They are the total values across all programs...not the one originally selected.


      I'm feel like I missed something in the Action Filter.  I tried including the ClientD, but it gives that warning that that field is not in the Engagement View...but it is because it had to be there for the filter from the the table at the top to the second worksheet.  I've attached a pic and the workbook...Picture1.png