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    How to create a network diagram using nodexl or others if they get me to

    Chris O'Hollearn

      I've created a network diagram using nodexl and the graph looks somewhat how I want it to look (though I may change some of the positions of the nodes, See below), but I would like to use some of the functionality of Tableau in this visualization. I'd like to use tooltips to include some information about each of the relationships as my users hover over it. Is there any easy way that I can take the information that is housed in this excel document and create a network diagram. I can't find in the nodexl where they determine each position of the nodes goes, but I'd imagine that I will need that information. Also, if nodexl is not the best option for this type of work, I am open to using others, provided that they are of a low cost/free.

      Thank you for any help you can provide.