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    Bar Chart in Reverse order and Diverging Bar chart

    Amit Darak



      I have 2 changes to be done in my tableau dashboard.


      Sheet 1.


      I have reversed the bar chart as can be seen in Sheet 1.Reversal part is done by reversing the axis. But I also want Category and Sub category dimensions on the right side. Currently it is on the left side.




      Sheet 2.


      I have created a diverging bar chart. But Category column in between is too wide. I need to make it narrower and use less space for category dimension in between. It basically is not looking good when I put it on dashboard.


      Any idea how to accomplish these 2 things.

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          Michael Gillespie

          Amit, you can't do either of those things in a single sheet: you'll have to build what you want in the dashboard, not in the individual vizzes.


          For Sheet 1, create a duplicate of the viz.  Put both vizzes inside a horizontal container on your dashboard.  On the left-hand viz, uncheck "Show headers" for the Category and Sub-category dimensions.  Then make the right-hand viz a text table and remove SUM(Sales]) from the Columns shelf.  Then resize the right-hand viz so that the values are not visible.  The column headers will disappear on the bar graph when you do that, so you'll have to figure out what you want to do about that.


          For Sheet 2, you need 3 separate vizzes and a horizontal container on a dashboard.  You can see how I built it in the workbook attached.  It's in 2018.2 format.


          Is that what you're looking for?

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            Ombir Rathee

            See my approach for single sheet view.


            Sheet 1:



            Sheet 2:


            Instead of Diverging bar chart, Bar inside bar chart would be better if you want it in Single sheet else use the Michael solution.