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    Upon data refresh from splunk, the dates are changing - Refresh increments the dates

    Garima Vohra



      I am trying to create a histogram by subtracting 2 dates whose result is in days. So, for Item A if initiationDate was Nov 2, 2018, and completionDate is Nov 4, 2018 subtraction would result in 2 days.  In my histogram when I am trying to group the items based on how many days oit took to complete the first time it is showing the right result. But the second time when I refresh the data from my database (Splunk) the dates change on their own and results become say 1200 days in the example i gave above. I am trying to figure what is wrong here? I read about posts and reached the full and incremental refresh in the tableau. I tried to employ Incremental refresh but there also the column on which I can do the refresh are all dates I want to do it on "item Code" or "Item ID" but none of those show there.




      1) can you guess what is the problem because frankly, i don't understand how can 2 days become 1200 what is changing my dates?

      2) if the refresh strategy is right, how to show the item ID in the fields?

      3) if you have any other solution it would really really help me.


      Please help!!!


      Thank you,