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    Origin and Destination Map Ranking

    Anne Dahlstrom


      I work for an airline's Cargo department, and I have created a map that has our origin and destination routes by Customer.  I am creating a Customer dashboard where I would like to be able to rank and filter by the top 10 routes based on revenue.  Is this possible?  Because this is sensitive information, I cannot share my workbook, but I have the data set up where each route has two rows, for example: DAL-MDW has one row with lat and lon DAL and the second row with lat and long MDW.  I feel like this might be what is messing up my ranking, but I am unsure.


      Currently, when I try to rank, it is only showing 64 paths where the Customer has a total of 277.  My rank formula is: RANK(sum([YTD Revenue]),'desc')


      Any help would be much appreciated!

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          Jim Dehner

          since you can not share your data I can point you in a direction rather than a specific solution

          you need to have the data in matched rows and need to work around that

          I am going to assume you will want to apply some sort of filtering in addition to the rankings

          so what I would do is create an lod built around the airline, routes and other dimensions that you would want to filter -

          something like           {fixed dim1, dim2, ..., dimn: sum(revenue)/2}   the division by 2 is because you have doubled your revenue values with the 2 rows

          Then the ranking would be rank_unique(sum(the lod), 'desc')


          then you can filter based on the rank



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