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    Is previous Month Calculation in a Date data table supposed to work

    Diego Navarro

      Tableau Desktop 2018.2.0


      Hello guys


      I need to create a report with following requirements (attached twbx) :


      1- It has to be a data table

      2- Daily basis

      3- A whole month shown as a day list

      4- Availability of filter between different months

      5- A dynamic view to select between 2 Measures (Sales and Previous Month Profit)


      I have developed all of the requirements successfully but the number 5, specifically Previous Month Profit. Most of the formulas I've tried does not work with filtered dates, like for example:


      Previous Month Profit =



      This only works when I have 2 months in the view, otherwise does not show anything, as per the requirement number 3, the report can only show 1 month. The same thing happens with other formulas like Datepart, Datediff, dateadd, etc.


      So in summary the question I got is: How to show Previous month Profit and fullfilling all the requirements previously mentioned.


      Any comment or question will be appreciated.


      Best Regards