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    Creating Data for a Area Chart

    Abdul Subhan Mohammed

      Hi Everyone.


      My Client has provided me with a manually created document which has the height of all the buildings separated by the type of accommodation.


      For example: building 1 0-15 floor as residential, building 2 has 0-15 floor, building 3 has 0-27 as residential and building 4 has 0-23.


      They want this to be on a single line for all buildings and have one line each for residential,commercial and professional. Like below:


      Inkedsample chart requirement_LI.jpg

      I know we have to make the data for the same so my trials are getting me weird results.


      If any one of you have any experience with above, if you can guide me on how do I get this done would be helpful. I am also attaching the same sheet I have.

      Thank You in Advance.