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    Connect csv from github.com

    Senthil Thyagarajan

      I am trying to connect a data source from github.com Is their a way where I can just enter the url to make a live data connection.

      csv data : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rfordatascience/tidytuesday/master/data/2018-10-30/r_downloads_year.csv


      Thank you.

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Senthil,


          If the raw data is rather small, you may want to use Google Sheets

          as a wrapper for the data file -- using the IMPORTDATA() finction (of GS).


          I've tried the above on the file you're referred to, no luck:


          Error Resource at url contents exceeded maximum size.



          For that same reason (the data files are of big sizes)

          the cloud file storage solutions (Box, Dropbox or OneDrive)

          are not recommended.


          Another way would be using AWS S3 bucket(s) to load your data into,

          and connecting / reading with the Athenna (or import into Redshift / Snowflake).


          Both Google Cloud / BigQuery and MS Azure / Azure SQL Server / Snowflake

          are viable alternatives to the AWS cloud solution(s).