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    Analysis calculation query

    S Kailay

      Hi all,


      I’ve attached a very simple Tableau workbook with 10 rows and 3 columns of data.  It sets out the following:


      • Two periods of data – Sep-18 and Oct-18
      • A unique document identifier
      • A status for each document – either Open, On Target or Closed


      What I’m trying to show is a month-on-month comparison of the following:


      • Identify the total of any “new” documents – I.e. new in Oct-18
      • Identify the total of any “exited” documents – i.e. not in the Oct-18 data
      • For those documents that are in both periods, identify any change in Status – e.g. moving from “Open” to “On Target” for instance


      What is the best way to do this?