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    Need some help with a calculation

    Scott Buckley

      Hello all,


      I am working on a project and am stumped on a calculation(s) I'm attempting to write.  Basically, we work with vendors that have multiple SLA goals that vary based on where they are in the lifecycle of a project.  To keep it simple, 50% of the work needs to be completed at the 50% mark of the project's life but 100% of the work needs to be completed at the 100% mark of the project's life.  So depending on the age of the project, the SLAs change.  Attached is a spreadsheet with some sample data and explanation of the SLA goals.


      I am being asked to include an indicator on the dashboard showing whether or not each SLA has been met (shown in the SLA Goal columns in the attached).


      Any help I can get with the calculations for SLA Goal columns in the attached will be GREATLY appreciated!