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    Calculated Field By Month

    Daniel Ferreyra

      Hello Tableau Enthusiasts,




      I’m working on a dashboard for tracking the mileage of a vehicle. Sort of a KPI chart for mileage. In this case, this vehicle must run 160,000 km on a fixed route of 576 km from Monday to Sunday, which means: 576 km * 7 days= 4032 km/week.  Nevertheless, when the vehicle presents mechanical problems, or other kind of issues the vehicle doesn’t run kilometers, which means the test gets delayed by 576 km per day or the correspondent mileage subtraction when an incomplete day (576 – 376=200km).







      The source data includes the page “Plan Mileage Data” that accumulates the daily planned mileage. And the “Dashboard Data” page that compares the mileage accumulated vs the plan accumulated.



      planned.PNG<- Plan Mileage Datadashboard data.PNG<-Dashboard Data




      I want to make an easy calculated field to express the following:



      I attach the workbook. Thanks a lot for your help.