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    Calculate Difference and Payout in Performance vs. Quota

    . Ew6050



      I have seven salespeople. If they each sell more than their specific unit quota they get paid $40 * the units in excess of quota.


      Right now I am pulling their unit sales by month (see screenshot) but I am hoping to somehow show a quota a by salesperson in this table and then how much they have earned.


      I have no idea how to do this, but if I can find a way the program will be a lot more effective as it will be easier for our salespeople to track their progress.


      So for example for salesperson AARANO there would be a column called quota and for him it would be 300. And then there would be a column called Units Above Quota and it would calculate 70. And then for another column called "Amount Earned" it would show $2,800 by calculating 70 units * $40.


      Any advice would be so helpful!


      Thank you.

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          Cathy Bridges

          Take a look at the Performance worksheet in the Superstore sample workbook. It is a good example of what you're trying to achieve.


          In your case, "Sales Target" is the same as quota. You will need a similar data source to list the salesperson and their quota.


          The missing calculation for your example is the bonus, so that would be something to this effect: If SUM([Sales])>[Quota] then (SUM([Sales])-[Quota]) * $40 END.