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    Grand total for a calculated field brings different data from the running sum

    Lucas Araujo


      This is my first post within Tableau Community and I would like to seek some help with a dashboard I'm trying to build.


      Allow me to explain the goal, currently there is a field called "Value" , this brings the value for each invoice. Then I have the carriers (in portuguese "Transportadora"), and I need to aggregate this data. So for example, if I have carrier A which has transported 10 invoices, then the SUM of these 10 invoces results into U$100,00. My goal is to apply a calculation into this aggregated field and the sum the results of this calculation, but only display the final result / total.


      Let me try to be a bit more clear by explaning my actual scenario which I'm atching the workbook if anyone wants to test something.



      My view brings all Invoices that my customer sent and which carrier transported it, so I have to display how much he spents on insurance for each carrier contract. My issue is the following:



      I'd like tableau to sum the values of the invoices for each carrier , then apply my calculation and after that sum all the result for every carrier.



      Heres the example at Tableau, but with real data:



      I believe I'm doing something wrong with the granularity of the view and not being able to deal with it. I've tried using FIXED into my calculated field but I did not succed.



      About my .tbwx , "Transportadora" = Carrier name / "Value" = Value of the Invoice / "Estipulante" = My calculation / "Data Lanc" = Date



      If I have not made myself clear at some point, please let me know.


      Best regards,
      Lucas Araujo