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    Upgrade to Tableau Server 2018.3 fails

    Xavier Roy

      I have 2018.2 installed on Windows Server 2012 R2. Works good. I tried to upgrade to 2018.3, but this does not work. I followed the steps from Upgrade Tableau Server - Tableau. Specifically,


      - Server stopped

      - Backup

      - Download of the last version (2018.3) from https://www.tableau.com/support/releases/server

      - Installation of the last version

      - Automatically launch the upgrade script


      It failed during the upgrade script:



      Same issue when I tried `upgrade-tsm` instead of the automated script.


      Also, I cannot connect to the TSM UI now, and the Tableau Server Service Manager cannot be started manually, as the file `Z:\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\services\tabsvc_0.20182.18.1009.2120\tabsvc\tabsvc.exe` is not found. So I cannot use anymore the server right now.


      I could reinstall from scratch 2018.2, but wanted to check before if anyone had any ideas?