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    Difference between two values - same Dimension, same Measure - Continued

    Niklas Axelsson

      Hi everyone,


      This is the first ever question I have asked in Tableau, so please bare with me!


      I am currently trying to calculate the difference between two columns, using the same dimension and measure. Basically what I want to do is having the Excel-equivalent of just a simple "difference between two columns" calculation.


      I found (sort of) an answer using this previously asked question, with a lot of suggested solutions:

      Difference between two values - same Dimension, same Measure


      I used it as so:


      The resulting table looks like:

      Everything here looks fine where there is a number/value for the measure [Market Val Pct Adjusted] in both PF and PF Benchmark.


      However, when there is a NULL value (or missing value) in [Market Val Pct Adjusted] in the PF portfolio (Portfolio Name dimension), i.e. when there is only a valid value in the PF Benchmark dimension - instead of showing


      (0.0 - 0.09) = -0.09


      for the Subsector D in the Total-column, it shows positive 0.09... I have already tried to use zn() functionality for the [Market Val Pct Adjusted] field, as well as trying to replace all NULLs with zeros using zn(lookup(sum([[Market Val Pct Adjusted]]), 0)) with no good results.


      Anyone out there having a clue on how to fix this, rather annoying, issue?


      I can't attach any example atm, as the data is sensitive and non-public. The only re-usable data available is the one uploaded in the previous-mentioned example above (Difference between two values - same Dimension, same Measure )