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    Pricing Embedded

    Govert Vissers



      I cannot get hold of Sales, so I decided to drop my questions here, maybe one of you can help me.


      Initially we need a solution for dashboarding which will be viewed by about 30 people (outside of our organization)



      What do we further need:

      • We want to host it ourselves
      • Dashboards can be embedded on our site or other sites (customers)
      • Viewers can interact with dashboards
      • We can brand the dashboards
      • Possibility that viewer only sees the data he/she is entitled to
      • We want to build our own dashboards


      I think Embedded analytics is the solution for us.



      • What is the pricing for the initial setup (2 creators a 30 viewers)?
      • What is the pricing for 2 creators a 1000 viewers? 
      • What is the pricing for 2 creators a even more viewers?   


      Another question: One thing I don't understand about embedded: is this a solution where we can create our own dashboards?


      Thank you,

      Govert Vissers