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    issue with subtracting Value

    Nagendra Babu

      Hi All,


      i have two fields " Actuals and Budget ", but i want to calculate "variance" (Actuals-Budget) here i'm getting the wrong values.

      I mean whatever the budget value is present that value  coming as Variance value

      Please find the below screenshot for your reference.

      here i written calculation like this

      Actuals :{ FIXED [Project Name],[Project Ref]:SUM([Actuals])}

      Budget :{ FIXED [Project Name],[Project Ref]:MIN([Budget])}

      Variance :{FIXED  : MIN([Actuals (month to date)]-[Budget (month to date)])}

      Variance :Actuals (month to date)-Budget (month to date) "This calculation also giving wrong value.

      The value is "550" but in here it was showing "-384".

      Please help me .