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    Median with Weights

    Milankumar Patel



      I have seen there are a few posts which explains about weighted median, but none of them working in my attempt.


      I have a variable which is about the price people pay for some service.. It is derived from survey data. I also have a weight variable, named as "Weight"
      . now I want to display weighted median on chart. The formula I am applying in tableau is "MEDIAN([Variable]). It gives me the median on column bar chart. But I want to display weighted median using the default "Weight" variable of dataset.


      See the screenshot attached. Sorry, have to censor it:)


      Any clues will be highly appreciated.


      MEDIAN.jpgThanks in advance.

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          Jim Dehner

          good morning

          Since you did not attach your twbx workbook with the data included I can't give you a specific solution -but conceptually "Median" works at the record level to determine the number of and the value associated with 50% of the marks above (below ) the median - there is another formula - percentile that you can use -

                    Percentile (value,.5) will return the Median BUT the value has to be a disaggregate - you can accomplish that by making your Weighted value a FIXED  lod expression

          Lod expressions return a disaggregated value that can be used in other expressions



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            Milankumar Patel

            Hi Jim,


            Thank you for your reply. Due to restrictions I can’t share the workbook. Is there any alternate way you can suggest?


            I just need to apply weight. We have already a weight variable in our SPSS dataset.


            If you need, I can provide you SPSS syntax script, so you can have an idea how the custom table calculates median.