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    Want to get your support for Idea Voting - Country Specific Fiscal Calendar -

    Shinichiro Murakami

      Hi Delhi TUG Team,


      My Name is Shin Murakami and want to get your assistance..


      This link has detail.



      My friends in Japan  have been struggling more than couple of years with inappropriate Tableau's fiscal calendar.


      At TC18, I had a chance to talk to Dev Team to get help.

      The suggestion was that if Dev team recognize the number of customer is bigger than expected, there is more chance of considerations.


      The idea post started as "Japanese Fiscal Calendar" but I believe this is not only Japan, but also lots of countries outside US.

      I actually changed a title to et more support from other people from other countries.


      I want to know other country's - especially with big population like India, China - business custom as to fiscal year.

      I meant that "push out" of start month is also common, not only "pull in" of start month.


      If your country also has "push out" method, please vote.