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    Multiple dashboards that have a hyperlink to a different webpage issues

    Anne Hatcher

      Hello I need help on this final thing on my project presentation that I can't get to work.


      I have multiple dashboards where I have created a tooltip to show some R code descriptions for the plot images on the dashboard. I have created hyperlinks within the tooltips that when clicked will open up a webpage displaying the interactive plot that is shown in the image on the dashboard.


      For some reason I can't click through each dashboard and get every hyperlink to work. It seems to be the last hyperlink created is the only one that will work.

      I also tried re-entering in the url links in the actions dialog box to refresh it and when I did that to all of them that seemed to work one time successfully but for some reason now it won't replicate that result.


      I also couldn't get any of the hyperlinks to work in presentation mode.


      I have to give this presentation in the morning so any ideas are welcome. I can figure out a work around if I can't get the hyperlinks to work like I need them to but I would really like to get this to work.


      Thank you!