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    searching for a particular value in a parameter

    Raoul Leblanc

      We have a workbook (Tableau 2018.2 Desktop) which relies on a parameter.  This parameter is populated using a field with a 14 digit number.  It is a type of identification number for an oil and gas well called an API number. 


      There are a number of nifty formulas feeding off of the parameter and it is working well.


      The problem is that there are more than 5,000 values for the parameter.  We can use the buttons to scroll through each well as below



      But often we want to either

      1) see a specific well.  Thus, I would like to be able to type in the number and have the parameter set to it.




      2) reduce the number of values available to the parameter by filtering down to a specific set of wells.


      Otherwise, we find ourselves having to use the slider in a very laborious way to find each specific value for the parameter.


      We believe that we need to use a parameter to accomplish what we want to do here.  There may well be other ways that do not require a parameter, but what we want to know now is whether the parameter value can be manipulated to do what we want with how it is set up.