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    Tableau Online Sorting Issues

    Steven Holden

      Hi Everybody,


      I have recently noticed that the sort functionality within my online dashboards is no longer working the way it used to.  I believe it is related to this note on the latest release.




      This is a big issue for me as highlighting the whole column to bring up the 'sort pop up box' means I select every row in that table, driving a filter action across many other charts and tables which is slow and also not what the user wants.


      In the screenshot below, even though you can see the little sort box (top right table), it has no use.  In desktop version, the sorts work perfectly so it's not an issue with the table set up.



      In order to sort that column I have to highlight the entire column which then filters the entire dashboard as if i'd selected every row in that table.


      This never used to happen with previous releases.  I have tried moving back to an older version of Tableau Desktop but that hasn't changed anything.


      Does anyone know a way around this?  It's rendered many of dashboards almost useless.


      Thanks in advance