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    Count Distinct Dates in a Month

    Wesley Moss

      I'm trying to count the number of "billing days" in a month so I can compare them to other months/years.  A billing day being any day with Orders > 0.  For example, January 2017 obviously has 31 days in it, but only 20 days had Orders.  I need to a line chart showing the number of Orders in each of those "billing days" 1-20.  So even if the last day with an order was January 31st, I need it to say Billing Day 20.


      I'm working with a more complex data set, but the attached file should have everything needed to fix this problem.  The attached picture shows all the days with Orders>0, but I can only get the actual dates to show up (January 2-31) instead of billing days(1-20).