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    Display "no records found" in Dashboard when Worsheet is blank bcs there are no records to display

    Manuel Ramos

      Currently, my dashboard includes a case inflow queue that automatically updates the number of cases we have in that queue. 


      Is there a way to display a message like ‘No records found' or 'Queue is Empty’ in my dashboard when the queue sheet's data set is empty?  Currently, when the queue has not records it the dashboard displays a black csr queue worksheet in the dashboard below.


      I have read and tried a couple of ideas found like Display message when no records returned or no data found. and ... A Dashboard and workbook have a default "no records" message. but I could not get the csr queue worksheet below to display a message like ‘No records found' or 'Queue is Empty’.


      I'm a new user and this is my reports final requirement.  Thanks!



      No records found.PNG