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    Count Distinct while excluding one filter and including another filter (FIXED or INCLUDE or EXCLUDE)

    Anudeep Marupaka

      Hello Everyone,


      The hardest part of this question is to ask it. Pardon my explanation, I am trying my best to present it.


      I am trying to get the count of 'Dismissed Triage' by 'Reason for Dismissal' to be constant all over that group. I used { EXCLUDE [Fleet Name]: COUNTD([Dismissed Triage])} alias "Dismissed Triage by RFD" to get results and I want to filter numbers on 'Date' but I don't want the fleet filter to influence resulting number.


      Example: Dismissed Triage by RFD is 331 for "No Response from Customer" for the defualt date range. When I select "Mule Race" from fleet name the number changes to 27 which is original count of dismissd triage for that fleet, for that reason for dismissal.


      I cannot use FIXED LOD because it excludes both the filters. (INCLUDE and EXCLUDE are not working because they are considering fleet filter).


      Is it possible in tableau or not? Any help would be much appretiated.