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    New 2018.3 Viz Transparency Feature:  Upgrade and Viz Captions

    Phil Naranjo

      Hi...my name is Phil Naranjo and I'm a Product Manager with the Tableau's Dashboards Dev Team based here in Seattle.  My team worked on the newly released worksheet (viz) transparency feature just release in 2018.3.  This is a long-awaited feature that we're very excited to put in your creative hands.  Personally, I've been able to make some beautiful, engaging dashboards with it.  We think you're going to love it.


      Now, I'm posting to let you know about a corner case upgrade issue with this feature.   If you have worksheets with a caption floating above an image, you may notice that the caption gets set to transparent.  Due to the way formatting works in Tableau, we can't automatically correct this on upgrade and you will need to manually change the caption background to opaque, if this poses a problem for you.  Let's take a look.


      This is a example dashboard created using the Superstore sample.  In 2018.2 or earlier, a worksheet is floated above a image looks like this:



      Follow upgrading to 2018.3, notice how the caption gets set to transparent:



      To notice the change, you must have an intervening image or other dashboard item between the worksheet and the dashboard background.  In this, case it’s the image that floats below the viz but above the dashboard background.  What if you've previously formatted the caption?  If you were to set a custom background color for the caption, then there’s no impact on upgrade to 2018.3.  The issue only occurs when a floating zone inherits the background color of the dashboard and you have an intervening layer like the image, which makes the transparency apparent.


      There you have it.  We don't think it's a very common scenario based on testing that we've done but we're working hard to get the word out.  Please let me know if you have questions about this issue.