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    How to remap a detail table to a an aggregate table

    Kevin McCann

      I have an aggregate table that I created and now want to remap the existing detail table to this new table without losing all of my data model. The aggregate table is in the same SQL Server database as the other table. If I try to create a new connection Tableau does not give me 2 different data models, it shows the same one for both connections. So I cannot built a second model that is the aggregate model and repoint my worksheets to use this connection/model.


      If I delete the existing table and add the new table it breaks all of my sheets.


      If i try to drag the summary table into the existing data model it wants to connect the 2 facts together.


      Ultimately i want both models in the work book, one for the detail sheets and the other for the aggregate sheets that are less granular.


      Can someone please explain how I create 2 connections to the same server and database but use different models to support the aggregate versus detail data sets?