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    Calculation that ignores parameter

    michael morrone

      I have a call center transfer report that I need some help on with the last piece of information that needs to be included. This shows an agents transfers for the current month as well as their transfer percentage - I am trying to show the trending % from the previous month in the tooltip, which is where I am running into a problem. I can display them fine in this example, but I do not want to show two months at one time, the user has a calendar on the dashboard that allows them to select which month they want to view.


      The current calculation that I have to show the trending is:


      Previous Month Transfer % Calc - (Lookup(SUM([Agent Transfer Percentage Calc]),-1)) which works perfectly fine.

      Trending Calc - AVG([Agent Transfer Percentage Calc])-[Previous Month % Calc]


      All of this works perfectly fine, until the user selects a month to go to, as the underlying data is gone from that sheet and only has the one month to look at. How can I


      A. Keep the underlying data on the sheet but not display it - while keeping the integrity of the other parameters and calculations in the sheet/dashboard?

      B. Have a calculation that simply ignores the month selection parameter and still functions as necessary?


      Thank you so much!


      Transfer Trending V2.PNG