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    Count Function - Calculated Field of a Dimension

    Jeremy Bengel



      I am a fairly new Tableau 10.5 user and need some help with the COUNT calculation. I am trying to show 2 different graphs on one chart. One graph will be a monthly total for # of calls to the helpdesk. The 2nd graph will be for a particular subset of those calls filtered by a specific type. I am attempting to created a calculated field titled "caller inquiry"


      The formula I have so far is COUNT ([KM Title] = 'Caller wants to know the status of a ticket')


      KM Title is a defined field in my excel file.

      Caller wants to know the status of a ticket is a category for helpdesk calls.


      When I drag this calculated field into the row field its showing ALL calls and not just the subset titled "Caller wants to know the status of a ticket"


      Any help is very much appreciated.