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    Daylight saving

    Motorola Licenses

      How can we convert EPOCH timestamp to date with respect to DST on or off? dont want to create a parameter and have user select it...we need a new file that captures the correct date/time based on the date of the year...


      Date - EPOCH date

      based on the time/day of the year how can we populate the correct time based on the date?




      In the U.S., daylight saving time starts on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.


      Daylight saving time in the United States - Wikipedia

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Motorola,


          Wouldn't you just use the dateadd function ?






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            Motorola Licenses

            the calculated field should automatically check for the time of the year and then make the right conversion with respect to GMT time and show the correct time.


            Please see the manual table for ref with the desired output as last column



            DateCreate Date - FALL (GMT minus 6)Create Date - SPRING (GMT minus 5)GMT timeCorrect time
            15207433063/10/2018 22:413/10/2018 23:413/11/2018 4:413/10/2018 22:41
            15207445373/10/2018 23:023/11/2018 0:023/11/2018 5:02

            3/11/2018 0:02