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    Is it possible to filter down to the Top N within a Top N?

    Nicholas Zabilski

      My company has a lot of products and a lot of stores. I want to make a clean and simple view that shows styles that have low inventory within their top stores.


      For example, I may want at least 12 weeks of supply in my stores for any given style at any given time. If they're selling 1 a week on average, then I want 12 units on hand.


      I would like this view to look at each products Top N stores and count how many of those stores have an inventory level lower than my 12 unit Weeks of supply baseline listed above.


      I would then only show the Top N styles (Ranked in order of largest number of stores below 12 weeks of supply to least)




      I think that's the best way that I can explain it. Please let me know what I can clarify, I'm sure that doesn't read as clear as it does in my head. I will also try to create a dummy file when I get a chance that has similar data to what I'm using.