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    Sum Up An Already Aggregated Column

    Andrew Alcazar

      Hello Tableau Community,


      Searching through the forum couldn't a solution to my issue, so either its easily done or can't be done.


      My problem is I am trying to create a table that has columns for Actual QTY and its Actual Computed Revenue. Next to it I have Projected QTY and its Revenue that is controlled by Parameters that could increase the QTY and another parameter that can decrease/increase the rate we charge. That isn't the issue, I have created the table through calculations and parameters


      Now what I need to do is add up the Projected Revenue Column to show what the total sum is. I continue to get the error you cant aggregate over an already aggregated function.

      Closest I've gotten is using the Window Function, but that still doesn't give the total of the Projected Revenue, just the total of the granularity I am looking at. Basically I just need to sum up or get the grand total of an already aggregated column.


      Thank you in advance.