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    Map formatting

    Chris Martin

      Hi, hoping somebody can help with…


      1. Have all Names on the map even with duplicate names
      2. Not have Name display on the map (only in Tool Tip)
      3. Have each Name & Address appear in each Tool Tip


      Thanks!  Chris

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          Ken Flerlage

          In order to ensure that you plot every location, you'll need some field or combination of fields that uniquely identifies each location. The best option, with your data set, is probably to add the Latitude and Longitude fields to detail (another option would be to make Long and Lat dimensions on the columns and rows shelves). That will ensure you have the right level of detail and will prevent aggregation. Next, remove the Name pill from the label, then format your tooltip.

          See attached.

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            Chris Martin

            Sorry for the delayed response.  Thank you!!!  Chris