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    Creating grouped content for a comparison

    Mike Raper

      Okay, so here's my situation.


      I have a bunch of time sheet data, and many individual names that the data belongs to.  What my users want is a way for each to have a dashboard of their data; that's easy enough with a source filter.  But they ALSO want to compare their data against an aggregate of all the people in their group.


      So, for example, I have these people:









      So, if I make a dashboard for Bob, he will be able to see all his data.  And, he wants to see an aggregate of all the other users data, all combined in a group called "my team". 


      I know how to make a group, but I'm not sure how to aggregate it this way.  Any suggestions or thoughts?





      I'm on Tableau 10.4.



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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Mike

          see the attached approach using sets (since you did not include a twbx workbook I used superstore data using sub category as a proxy for you name field )


          first I created a parameter to select a subcategory



          then used this formula for sales - sum of the selected sub cat and the average of the sum for others





          it returns this



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