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    Tableau Online // SSO redirecting users to us-east-1 instead of us-west-2b

    Mike Boyle


      * I am the site administrator for Tableau Online site.


      * When our users (including myself) attempt log on by visiting https://online.tableau.com/ , the single sign-on process appears to be redirecting us to a Tableau Server instance on us-east-1 instead of us-west-2b where our users typically get redirected from the single sign-on page.  This same issue is affecting all live and extract data sources attempting to use Tableau Bridge (which is currently disconnected and cannot reconnect it based on the same redirect issue).


      * I opened a case on the Tableau Customer Portal approximately 13 hours ago including this detail along with a suitable screenshot.  An hour later, someone from Tableau technical support called me and we discussed the detail in more detail.


      * The issue is still occurring.  I don't have any status from Tableau technical support on this via the related case I have open for this issue.  The only current information I have from Tableau technical support is on this page (Tableau Online | Tableau Software Trust) where it currently indicates that the service is "Degraded" across all AWS zones and has been so since yesterday.


      * have created a detailed case for this as directed by Tableau.  I have been in contact with one of their technical support staff.  I have put a related email into my account manager.



      * Does anyone have direction for me as to how to get more of a detailed status on this issue so that I may inform my affected stakeholders?


      Thank you!