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    Bhumika Bhandari

      Hi Everyone,


      To generate this report I have:

      one table with User information and another one with User_Event info. In User_Event table, I have event_id for all the activities like login, signup, logout etc.


      What I want to do it:

      Find users who logged in and minus that count with the signup ones.



      event_id for login: 80

      event_id for signup: 81

      event_id for logout: 82


      How am I suppose to get user count for event 80 and 81 and get a difference?


      Let me know if you need any other information.





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          Cathy Bridges

          Seems like something like this should work:

          Gantt Chart, Time between end and start

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            Jennifer VonHagel

            Hi Bhumika,


            It would be great if you could share some sample or dummy data in a .twbx file.  I can give you a few calculation suggestions (below), but I have a history in web analytics and am aware that other elements might come into play; it would be helpful to have a sample of your data structure.


            Users who Login  //Note: the ELSE NULL is implied - you don't have to have it

            COUNTD(IF [event_id] = 80 THEN [user_id] ELSE NULL END)


            Users who Signup   //Note: the ELSE NULL is implied - you don't have to have it

            COUNTD(IF [event_id] = 81 THEN [user_id] END)


            Users Not Signed Up

            [Users who Login] - [Users who Signup] users_not_converted


            Hope this helps!